Software and web projects

Through the years, I have worked on many software and internet projects, many of which are now available on this server. One of these projects is my concordance programme TextSTAT which can be downloaded here:

Logo TextSTAT 2

TextSTAT - Simple Text Analysis Tool (Version 2)
Concordance software for MS Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X. Berlin, 2001-2008.

Selection of other projects in the past:

Geschichte des Niederländischen - Geschiedenis van het Nederlands - History of Dutch. (1997, second edition 1999).
The new edition (2008/09) of this history of the Dutch language is integrated in Neon:

Christine van Baalen: Nederlands in Zaken. Zakelijke Nederlands voor anderstaligen (a course in Dutch for business), 1999/2000 (I was involved as one of the collaborators).

Welkom - Online-Niederländischkurs für Anfänger. Project leader: Matthias Hüning, in collaboration with: Leopold Decloedt & Barbara Weipoltshammer. Vienna, 2000.

WebCONC - Concordances from the web (version 1.0). Berlin, 2001.

Parallel corpus Dutch - German. Beta test version of a parallel corpus. Berlin, 2001/2009.

Woord van de dag. Mailinglist with news from Dutch and Belgian media with vocabulary translations (Dutch-German); more than 15,000 subscribers (2002-2012).

Dictionary project Dutch-German / German-Dutch.