The teaching of Matthias Hüning concentrates on the structure and the history of the Dutch language. Often a comparative or contrastive perspective is chosen: Dutch in comparison with other (mostly Germanic) languages. Theoretical issues are usually discussed and illustrated with Dutch examples (but also from a comparative perspective).
Another topic is the sociolinguistic dimension, i.e. the social, politic and cultural meaning of language(s) and language variation.

Matthias Hüning is coordinator of two linguistic study programmes at Freie Universität (BA Sprache & Gesellschaft and MA Sprachwissenschaft).

Information about the study programs in Dutch philology (BA, MA) and in linguistics (BA, MA). The recent catalogue of courses at the Freie Universität can be found in the 'Vorlesungsverzeichnis'.


Information about the courses by Matthias Hüning can be found in the 'Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis' of FU Berlin.


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