Dutch linguistics Department for Dutch Linguistics at FU Berlin


Subjects & Contact Details

  • You want to write a final thesis (BA, MA, Magister) in linguistics? Please contact Prof. Dr. Matthias Hüning.
  • You have some questions about our study programmes and lectures? Please contact Dr. Barbara Schlücker or the lecturer responsible.
  • You need an expertise for a university abroad or in order to apply for a foundation? Please contact Prof. Dr. Hüning.
  • You need advise with regard to your studies? Please contact Dr. Schlücker or Prof. Dr. Hüning.
  • The present consultation hours can be found on the webpage of the department for Dutch Studies.

Programmes and courses

General information about the department for Dutch studies and the different programmes (BA, MA, Magister, PhD-research) can be found on the department's webpage, section 'Lehre & Studium'. There, you can also directly access the lecture and course catalogue for information on all courses offered by our department.

Niederländische Phlologie / Dutch Studies (BA)

The BA programme comprises a basic formation in Dutch studies with equal interest in linguistics and literature. However, it is possible to focus on Dutch linguistics during the third year of study. If you have any questions or wish counselling on these matters, do not hesitate to contact us.

Niederlandistik im internationalen Kontext / Dutch Studies in an international context (MA)

You have (almost) completed your BA on Dutch Studies? You want to continue your studies in a research oriented setting? Our Master's programme 'Dutch in an international context' might be the right choice for you. Information about this programme is available on the webpage of our institute ('Lehre & Studium'). If you have any questions concerning this programme, please contact Matthias Hüning.

Sprachen Europas / Languages of Europe (MA)

Additionally, the section of Dutch Linguistics is involved in the master's programme 'Languages of Europe' organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for European Languages (ZEUS). This study course applies to BA-graduates from diverse disciplines with a focus on linguistics. Students interested in languages and linguistics are welcomed to apply for a place in this programme. You can get some more information about the programme on the webpage or by contacting the programme manager.