Dutch linguistics Department for Dutch Linguistics at FU Berlin

Excursion to South-Africa (2009)

In March 2009 we organized an excursion to South-Africa with 16 students of Dutch of the FU Berlin. We spent one week in Stellenbosch and one week in Cape Town. The excursion was enabled through financial support by the DAAD.

Here you can find some information on South-Africa in Wikipedia as well as some information on the linguistic situation.

During the excursion our group had the occassion to have a look at the classes of German studies of Stellenbosch University to get to know the activities of the department of Linguistics, Language and Communication as well as the department of Afrikaans and Dutch of the University of the Western Cape (Cape Town). At Stellenbosch University we were allowed to take part in the Neerlandistiekdag and to join an official dinner with performances by several authors.

The rest of the programme aimed to keep a good balance between Afrikaans linguistics, literature as well as the cultural and political history of South-Africa. There was of course plenty of attention for Dutch traces in South-Africa.
Here is an overview of our activities:

Of course we took numerous pictures of the excursion. Here is a small selection.