Westmünsterländische Dialekte Low German in the border region

Westmünsterländische Mundarten

On this pages you will find some infomation and ressources for German dialects spoken along the Dutch border.


We have made available an updated and searchable version of the Wörterbuchs der westmünsterländischen Mundart.

Piirainen, Elisabeth & Wilhelm Elling: Wörterbuch der westmünsterländischen Mundart. (Beiträge des Heimatvereins Vreden zur Landes- und Volkskunde 40). Vreden: Heimatverein Vreden, 1992.

There is also a PDF version of this dictionary. It contains a scientific part with information about the dictionary and about the spelling conventions (all in German).

Go to the searchable version of the dictionary (on this server)